Project Description

With the constant aim of complying with our guest expectations, this spring, our buffet breakfast has evolved.

Still lovely displayed on a elegant white and metallic structure, our buffet is changing with the seasons.

Our talented baker is proving us with traditionnal baguettes and pasties ,but also now with chorizo and cereal breads and  homemade fruit cake.

To come with your breakfast, we have selected a new BIO MASSAYA coffee ( South America ) , a creamy cappuccino, a hot chocolate and a large selection of classic ( Early grey, Breakfast )  and original teas ( citrus, Green tea, red fruits.. )

Kids and olderst will appreciate our crepes or pancakes with their toppings ( honey, mapple syrup, jam, chocolat spread )

Our buffet offers cold dishes : as a selection of meat , local cheeses , a salad corner with local olives oïl, Bio, fruit or plain yoghurt ,  fresh fruits, and on the hot side , we offer scamble eggs and sausages.

With our 3 breakfasts offers we are sure that you will find the most conveniant for you : All you can eat buffet for 12 eur  , Express breakfast for 5.50 eur  specific breakfast like gluten free for 8 eur.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request you may have.

Take advantage of 1 eur off per person per day on your full buffet breakfast by pre booking it on our website